Luboš Soukup | Oskar Török | Michal Rataj

Čerstvý soundtrack k novému filmu Roberta Sedláčka PROMLČENO


Recenze Tomáše S. Polívky (ČRo Jazz)

Recenze Jana Faixe (His Voice)


Michal Rataj live electronics, synthesizers

Oskar Török trumpet, percussions, live electronics

Luboš Soukup saxophones, clarinet, flute

Music Video

composition by Rataj / Soukup / Török

edited by Josef Krajbich

video by Michal Rataj


Draha Kráčmárová


Photo by Karel Cudlín

The musicians of the progressive jazz group Points first met composer and performer Michal Rataj in 2015. Both sides went in hoping for mutual enrichment given their adherences to diverse compositional, interpretive, and listening traditions. However, the clearest product was an emerging space in which they could search for a new musical language on the crossroads of jazz, musique concrète, improvisation, and sound performance orchestrated in surround sound. The Points- Rataj Quintet was active for three years and created grounds for a continuation.

Oskar Török, Michal Rataj, and Luboš Soukup now continue in the best work produced by the Points-Rataj Quintet. They include more electronics, but also a flute, a medieval cimbalom, or a wide palette of percussion. Their new musical language is very emotionally charged, stretching from virtuosic instrumental technique and expressive sonic gestures to polyphonic electroacoustic ambient. The musicians seem to float between the promoters’ genres, through atmospheres as if they found themselves in a film, through the dynamics of a wide range of musical instruments: surprising… and being surprised.